Pastor Greeting

Why Fellowship With Us?

In the end, you probably won’t come to fellowship with us because you think we’re better than all the other Church gatherings. We aren’t. We might let you down. We might even break your heart. But know this: YOU’RE WELCOME HERE. You’re welcome here because we are all sinners – every one of us, and we’ve always got room for one more. If you’re a sinner too, you’ll be right at home!

Like all humans, some of us are judgmental. Some of us stick our self-righteous noses in each other’s business. Some of us gossip about others and have even spread rumors. Sometimes we’re insensitive, sometimes we’re too busy for each other, and sometimes we’re downright obnoxious. Sometimes we fuss over doctrine. Sometimes we fuss over little stuff. Sometimes we just fuss.

Because in spite of us, CHRIST IS HERE . In fact, He’s everywhere, in everyone:

Col 1:27 “God wanted everyone, not just Jews, to know this rich and glorious secret inside and out, regardless of their background, regardless of their religious standing. The mystery in a nutshell is just this: Christ is in you, therefore you can look forward to sharing in God’s glory. It’s that simple. That is the substance of our Message.” – The Message

The Good News of the Gospel is that God the Father, Son and Spirit LOVE US and LIKE ALL OF US in spite of ourselves! God Loves and Likes You, too!! In Jesus, the Father has made each of us into a New Creation, even though we don’t see as much of that New Life as we want to yet.

Sometimes the Father’s love does shine through us. Sometimes we do share in His kindness, care and support of one another. Sometimes we even make a positive difference in people’s lives. And, to tell you the truth, Jesus Christ would do those things through us even more often, except that we are usually too selfish to let it happen. In fact, one of our slogans should be, “Thank God He is Merciful— Even to This Bunch!”

We, at N3C, are simply sinners who are learning to trust that God, in Christ, has Adopted and Included us in His Relationship! He has completely forgiven us of all our sins, and will continue to help us share His love with others in His Amazing Grace. If you’re a sinner too, you’d fit in here! In fact, you could say that we are a chapter of “Sinaholics Anonymous!”

The word “Gospel” literally means “Good News!!”, and the Good News of Jesus is that we are all included in the life of the Triune God – Father, Son and Spirit – Ephesians 1: 3-6!! The Father has Adopted all of humanity as his children, through his Son, Jesus, in the power of His Spirit. At New Creation Community Church we believe that everyone, including you, has been Adopted and reconciled to God in Jesus Christ! This means you already have a relationship with God the Father, in Jesus Christ, BEFORE YOU HAVE FAITH AND REPENT and that God the Father, Son and Spirit loves you, likes you, and has fulfilled His plan for you to be His Adopted child forever! In fact, God the Trinity has revealed in Jesus Christ that He loves each of us, and all of us, MORE than He loves himself!! Phil 2:3!

At N3C we Teach, Preach and Fellowship in this Good News of our Adoption, through God’s Grace in Jesus Christ, each Worship Celebration – Acts 20:24!!
We also must warn you that if you are looking to get beat up, threatened, controlled and told what to do in every area of your life each week, this might not be the right fellowship for you! Actually, it probably IS the right fellowship for you, since the Gospel of God’s Grace is able to give you True Freedom and Build You Up in God’s Love as God desires – John 8:32, Acts 20:32!!

No Doubt about it though, in His amazing grace, Jesus DOES live in us to serve, support and sacrifice for one another in Love and Good Works, but we put special emphasis on the Good News of Jesus WITHOUT ALL THE RELIGION! Jesus came to get rid of those things that were between Man and God (including religious stuff!), and He reconciled All of Humanity to God in His Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection and Ascension to Heaven!! Now, ALL of humanity is Participating in, and experiencing in some way, the Dance and Dream of the Trinity! IF ONLY WE WOULD EACH PARTICIPATE WITH JESUS IN BELIEVING AND EMBRACING IT AS TRUTH!! I Tim 4:9, 10, I John 2:1-2!!

After all, how can you experience the benefits of a TRUTH, if you don’t Trust it to be True?! This is why the Church urges all people to repent (repent literally means “to have a radical change of mind”), Trust Jesus, and Embrace God’s Good News as the Truth!! In the Light of the Person of Jesus, it is not our mission as the Church to get people “saved” because Jesus has already done that (Luke 19:9-10, John 19:30!) We want to help people see Who Jesus is and who they already are in Him! In short we want Each Person to Embrace and Experience that they are The Father’s Adopted Child; that they are part of the Unique, Distinct and Collective set of Children Whom the Father has always wanted! We want you to Be Assured that you already Belong to God and have your Identity in Jesus Christ! We want you to Be Confident in the fact that God the Trinity, in Jesus, has Embraced you in such a once-for-all way that He will never let you go! We want you to know that you have been Baptized in the Holy Spirit and that He shares the Very Life of Jesus with you, Empowering and Encouraging you to Believe, Be Saved, and Behave!

We should repent and exercise faith, therefore, because we have been saved, not in order to get saved! We were all created to be participants in this Great Dance of the Father, Son and Spirit, so come and Dance, and Dream, with us! We find it brings great Confidence, Assurance, Rest, Peace & Hope even in the midst of a challenging and chaotic present world!

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  1. Greetings N3C , you all have told stories that have lead to me to be enamored by the most “Christian” Biblically sound alum I’ve ever heard’…Look up Child


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