Berkley March

Sunday, February 7, 2021 was a great start to Black History Month, with Ms Anne giving us some history from Berkley and the swimming pool.  My dad used to tell me about how the children had a desire to swim and the city would turn on the water that was located by this water tower in Berkley, and he and his friends would play in that water.  But he said that one time, he fell as he was trying to jump in and someone had to jump in to save him.  So hearing about the lives lost in the Elizabeth River was eye opening for me.  One of the people that was on zoom with us yesterday, and part of her team (Berkley Historical Society), was Mrs Sarah Peoples Perry.    She is currently leading the way with the WE CARE project in Berkley.Norfolk Police deliver hundreds of meals weekly to seniors during COVID-19 |  Mrs Sarah plays a big part in the education area for children on the Southside (Berkley&Campostella).  Her along with Barrett Hicks, are educators that are always trying to improve things for children on the Southside. They hold people accountable and work hard to produce change in the schools. Mrs Sarah used to be a principal, and the school that she was over, excelled in all kinds of ways under her leadership.  Barrett led a march for the equality of students in the Berkley/Campostella area.  Erica, Monica, Ms Anne,  Mrs Sarah, and myself, all participated in the march.  Monica took  photos.  There was another photographer too, so I am not sure if all of the attached photos are Monica’s work. 

Mr. Pee Wee, Erica, Christie, Maceo Stem

In Front of 7-Eleven

Civil Rights Look

All of us Marching

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