What We Believe

· We believe in the Triune God, Father, Son and Spirit, and we believe that this God created, reconciled and embraced the world in the Incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, as it was eternally purposed.

· We believe Jesus Christ is the Father’s eternal Son sharing being, and life, and all things with the Father and the Spirit. He became human for our Adoption and Salvation. He died to cleanse us of our alienation, rose again to give us new birth, and ascended to take us to His Father.

· We believe that in the Incarnate, Crucified, Resurrected, and Ascended Son, the human race and creation have been lifted into union with the Father, Son and Spirit.

· We believe that Jesus Christ is himself the union between the Trinity, humanity and creation, and that this relationship is the truth of all truths underneath creation itself and human existence and history within it.

· We believe the Triune God is now at work in all creation, revealing the truth of our adoption In Jesus Christ, breaking through the deception and darkness that binds us, so that we may discover and believe and experience our inclusion in the Son’s relationship with His Father in the Spirit.

·We believe that the Church is called to participate in the Spirit’s work of revealing the truth about God, humanity and creation until the knowledge of the glory of the Triune God fills the earth and all creation as the waters cover the seas.

·We believe that Jesus “is the Savior of the World, especially of those who believe” –
1 Tim 4:9-10
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